French Style Onion Soup With Braised Oxtail

This is an opulent version of the very special French onion soup, which to make properly you need a rich full flavoured stock this will be created after long slow braising of the oxtails. If you're going to all this trouble make a big batch to store for another day, the marrow and parsley toast make a welcome addition to this beefeaters wintry feast.
French Style Onion Soup With Braised Oxtail

Ingredients and Methods

- 1 kg of Oxtail pieces
- Olive oil
- Salt & milled pepper
- 4 peeled carrots split
- 8 sticks of celery
- 2 heads of garlic
- Bouquet garni

Soup Base:
- 2Ltrs beef stock
- 10/1.8kg brown onions
- 400ml olive oil
- Bunch thyme tied in a parcel
- Salt & milled pepper
- 300ml red wine vinegar
- 4 thin slices rustic bread
- 100ml extra virgin olive oil
- Sea salt, coarsely ground black pepper
- 2cm thick slices of de boned marrow which has been rinsed in cold water for 30 minutes to remove any blood which discolours the marrow
- 100g shallots cut into thin rings
- 1 bunch flat parsley leaves
- 50ml vinaigrette
- 50g gruyere cheese, grated

1. Pre heat oven to 200°C, in a deep heavy based casserole dish which has a lid, heat some olive oil, season the Oxtail all over & sear on all sides until well browned. 
2. Remove the tails add the vegetables, lightly colour, add bouquet garni & beef stock, return the meat to the pan. Cover with a lid & place in the oven for 2.5-3 hours until soft & gelatinous.
3. Meanwhile prepare onions by removing 1cm from the tops & bottoms of the onion, slice in half lengthways then cut as thin as possible with the grain of the onion with a sharp knife or a Japanese mandolin, taking care not to cut too close to your fingers.
4. Heat a large deep casserole with oil, raise the temperature then add onions, season lightly & cook on a high heat until they collapse, cook over a high heat until the excess moisture has evaporated, reduce the heat & cook gently, ensure you stir regularly. After about 1 hour the onions will begin to colour & caramelise & become a jam like consistency, drain off excess oil & add thyme bouquet garni parcel & red wine vinegar reduce to a syrup.  Remove from the heat.
5. Once the beef meat is soft & tender remove from the beef stock with vegetables, skim off any grease and impurities then strain onto the onions. Bring to the simmer & cook for 15 minutes
6. Brush your thinly sliced bread with olive oil on both sides, lightly season with salt & bake for 12 minutes at 190°C until crisp & golden brown.
7. Now the Oxtail has cooled slightly, tear off pieces of meat, cut into bite size pieces & remove any excess fat or sinew.
8. Pre-heat a grill then take your marrow slices, season with sea salt & coarse ground black pepper, place under the grill with the croutons which have been lightly sprinkled with gruyere cheese, cook until cheese melts & the marrow softens, keep warm.
9. Warm a generous amount of braised beef in your soup bowl then. Toss parsley, shallots & lentil vinaigrette together, arrange marrow on the toast & serve with the onion broth then top with salad.

Cook's Note:
Any braising cut will be successful in this recipe. E.g. brisket, shin, short rib or cheek.

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