Chicken Mole (Mexican chicken stew)

For those who are enjoying discovering Mexican cookery an Authentic Mole (the Mexican word for sauce) is a must as it's the true flavour of Mexico. Don't be scared by the long unusual array of ingredients which your find at any authentic Latin food store, its less daunting than you think!
Chicken Mole (Mexican chicken stew)

Ingredients and Methods

Serve with fragrant sweet corn rice pilaf


- 50 ml vegetable oil
- 4 ¼ dried Ancho chilies split
- 2 dried mulato chilies split
- 1 dried pasillia chilies split
- 11/2 tablspn of sesame seeds
- 2 heaped tablspn of peanuts
- 3 cloves
- 1 cinnamon stick
- ½ teaspn cracked pepper
- ½ peeled onions sliced into thick rounds
- 100g tinned or fresh tomatillos
- 100g tinned or fresh ripe tomatoes
- 500ml chicken stock
- 2 tablspn of raisins
- 75g bitter chocolate
- 1 bunch oregano
- 1 bunch of thyme
- 1 bay leaf
- Salt & sugar to taste
- 1 slice of white bread
- Chicken
- 50g smoked paprika
- Large pinch of sea salt
- 50ml olive oil
- 2k chicken boneless chicken thighs
- 300g Peeled pumpkin cut into large cubes

- Sweet corn rice pilaf
- Parsley & radish salad
- Coarsely crated salted ricotta
- Toasted sesame seeds

1) gently warm a large nonstick pan adds a small amount of oil
2) Add the chilies and gently fry for a few minutes over a low heat till aromatic
3) Tip these chilies into a suitable deepish 2 liter pot
4) Now repeat this process with the nut, spices & onions gently frying till caramelised & aromatic then combine with the chilies in the same pot
5) If using fresh tomatoes & tomatillos pan fry & caramelise the same way then add to the pot cover with chicken stock & bring to the simmer
6) Add the herbs raisins & chocolate cook for 30 mins gently till reduced by half

Now gradually liquidise all the ingredients season with both sugar & salt.
Add the bread to thicken the sauce then pass through a sieve.

To cook the chicken season with olive oil paprika & salt, seal in a hot pan till caramelised all over transfer to suitable oven proof dish cover with the red mole sauce, braise in pre heated 120 degree oven for 40 mins.
After 30 mins add the pumpkin

To serve arrange in a communal fashion in a large pot alongside the fragrant rice.
Garnish with dressed seasoned radish slices, parsley & crumbled slated ricotta or feta cheese which is similar to traditional Oaxacan (Mexican cheese)

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