Posh Prawn Cocktail with Pimms & Marie Rose Sauce

The popular British/Australian seafood sauce Marie Rose is a named after a famous 15th century navy ship. Pimms is a popular spring/summer liquor made from various spirits such as gin or vodka with a subtle blend of spices & citrus fruits named after James Pimms owner of London's famous Oyster Bar in 1823. A popular drink is Pimms & lemonade garnished with cucumber, mint & ginger. Celebrate this perfect drink for spring summer at the new cellar bar underneath the Newmarket Hotel in St Kilda.
Posh Prawn Cocktail with Pimms & Marie Rose Sauce

Ingredients and Methods

Ingredients 4 portions

Salad (demonstrated)
- 100 g peeled & sliced cucumber
- 50 g finely chopped fresh ginger
- 100g mint leaves
- Splash of Pimms
- Pinch of salt
- Pinch of sugar

Marie Rose sauce  
- 250 ml Mayonnaise
- 125ml Tomato Ketchup
- 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
- 1 tablespoon Tabasco sauce
- 25ml Pimms or Brandy
- Salt & milled pepper

Avocado puree
- 2 Very ripe Avocados peeled & de stoned.
- 50 ml Greek yoghurt.
- 1 small clove garlic grated on a micro plane.
- Salt to taste.

- 275g cooked & peeled de veined Crystal Bay prawns.

To serve (demonstrated)
- 8 Small baby cos leaves.
- Yellow frisee lettuce hearts.
- Herbs such as chives, chervil, dill, tarragon leaves to garnish.
- Soft boiled quail eggs (optional).


1. Combine cucumber, mint & ginger; add a pinch of salt & sugar
Mix then moisten with a splash of Pimms allow to drain in a sieve

2. For the Marie rose sauce simply combines all the ingredients
Season to taste.

3. For the avocado puree place all the ingredients in a food processor
 Liquidize to a smooth puree season to taste, transfer to a piping bag

4. Coat the prawns in a little Marie rose sauce.
Take a suitable serving glass like (e.g. Martini glass) fill the base with avocado puree
Take your drained cucumber salad combine with some mint leaves & shredded lettuce coat with some dressing and arrange on the avocado then top with the prawns neatly.

5. Dress the baby cos leaves & frisee, herbs with some dressing.
Finely dress the prawns with some more Marie rose & garnish with cos leaves herbs & the optional peeled quail eggs.

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